Faculty of Pediatrics


Higher educational institution of Ukraine Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (PSMU) is a descendant of odontology department of Kharkiv Medical Academy, founded on September 30, 1921 and became the first academic specialized higher educational institution to train dentists and a leading center for dental education in the USSR and Ukraine.

On August 19, 1931 odontology department was reorganized into Kharkov Dental Institute, which in 1967 was transferred to Poltava to provide quality medical care to the rural population of Poltava, Cherkasy, Sumy, Chernihiv and Kherson regions with dentists and doctors of other specialties. In 1971, the Institute opened therapeutic (now - medical

In 1994, the Expert Commission of the State Inspectorate of educational institutions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and expert committee of the Main Directorate of accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine certified Poltava Medical Dental Institute as the highest institution of the fourth level of accreditation.  According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 29, 1994 "On improving the network of higher education institutions" was created Ukrainian Academy of Medical Dental based on Poltava Medical Dental Institute.

Based on the decision of the SAC of Ukraine on April 24, 2007 the Academy received a license to prepare specialists in specialty "Pediatrics."

Currently, the highest state institution of Ukraine Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy is state educational institution of the IV level of accreditation, which has the right to conduct educational activities related to obtaining higher education on junior specialist, bachelor, specialist, master levels (including foreign citizens) with the licensed number of 7245 people.

The treatment (now medical) department In 1971 was opened at Poltava State Medical Dental Institute.

The first dean of the medical faculty was Professor V. F. Postnikov, but after a while, Associate Professor V.I. Sanika was appointed as Dean of the faculty. Other deans were elected during the work of the faculty such Professors as: V.P. Mishchenko (1977 - 1979), Y. O. Maksymuk (1977 - 1983), J.P. Kostylenko (1986 - 1991), V.M. Bobyrov (1991 - 1992), I.P. Katerenchuk (1993 - 2001), B.P. Lysenko (2001 - 2002), G.M. Traverse (2002 - 2006), T.O. Krjuchko (2007), associate professors: A. O. Lagutin (1983 - 1986), B.F. Shish (1992 - 1993). Since 2007 Associate Professor M.M. Ryabushko has been holding the position of the Dean of the faculty.

During its existence the department has trained more than 10,000 of doctors - physicians, surgeons, obstetricians - gynecologists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, urologists, infectious disease physicians, and many other doctors of other specialties not only for Poltava region, but also for the whole Ukraine, and foreign countries.

The focus of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists, who perfectly know their work, and have highly basic and professional knowledge. Graduates of the medical faculty receive State diploma certifying higher education in the specialty "Medicine" and "Pediatrics."

The level of education that is acquired by a person in high school is the result of consistent, systematic and deliberate process of learning, based on general secondary basis, and the knowledge gained during training in high school. The faculty of Medicine № 2 was opened in order to improve the quality of educational services.

In order to optimize training of educational qualification level "specialist" in specialties 7.110101 "Medicine" and 7.110104 "Pediatrics" and according to the decision of the Academic Council of the Academy (№ 7 of 02.01.2012) Medical Faculty of Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy was reorganized into two faculties: the faculty of Medicine № 1 and № 2. The function of the faculty of Medicine № 2 is training specialists in specialty" Pediatrics” with 262 students. Creating of the faculty was driven by the demographic characteristics of Ukraine and Poltava region, and the shortage of doctors - pediatricians. This reorganization of medicine and the creation of inter-regional perinatal centers requires training of pediatricians of narrow specialization.

Teaching Staff of the Faculty of Medicine  № 2 of Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy : 281 teachers, including 53 Doctors of Medicine and Professors and 177 Candidates of Medical Science, Professors, among them - 7 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 6 Honored doctors of Ukraine, 2 State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 27 academicians of specialized academies. Training is conducted in 17 departments. All clinical departments are headed by Professors, Doctors of Science. The faculty trains about 1339 students.

The main focus of the faculty is to prepare highly skilled professionals, who perfectly know their work, have highly basic and vocational training aimed at achieving high results in public health, the best educated specialists in the spirit of progress and achievements of world science and culture. Graduates of the faculty of Medicine № 2 of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy receive state-recognized degree, which proves higher education in the field of General Medicine and Pediatrics.

The main strategic task of the Faculty of Medicine № 2 of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy is to train young generation, to make them capable of operating in a competitive environment of modern society. Therefore, since 2005 educational process and the course were started in accordance with the European standards of quality of specialists training by the Bologna Convention.

The faculty developed a computer-based training on the basis of 2 computer classes and Internet-class, with the possibility of free access to the Internet.
The faculty of Medicine of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy uses modern multimedia technology for training that can maximize the ways of information perception, bring the conditions close to real life daily activity of a physician. Methodology of the educational process has great role in the work of the faculty. Teachers introduce modern educational technologies, the latest educational achievements, new advanced technologies and treatment methods into the learning process.

One of the main challenges for the future specialist is level of his professional training in a competitive labor market. It encourages teachers to search intensive methods of teaching, improving the monitoring of student learning and preparing teaching documents, including the development of guidelines, manuals, complex programs for self-study. Teachers of the faculty successfully work to create training manuals in accordance with the curriculum and the current requirements issued by the State language. Widespread use of special and general subjects is reflected in the tutorials, created by teachers of the Faculty of Dentistry of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy .  Large and productive work is done by the best teachers - methodists in establishing new programs in basic disciplines and adapting existing programs to the curriculum. Lectures and practical lessons are conducted with the help of multimedia programs, training videos, slides, codograms, visual aids and patients. The Library of the Academy plays a significant role in organization of educational work , provides  students with training, background and technical literature.

Necessary social and living conditions for training, accommodation, medical care, nutrition and physical improvement of the students are created. Students of the faculty of Medicine live in 2 dormitories total area of which is 11,684 square meters (living area of 5703 square meters). Hostel № 4 has an area of 1604 square meters, where the department of physical education and health is situated. There are 4 gyms. Students and faculty staff have an opportunity in their free time to train in extra spacious gyms, improve their physical condition on modern bikes. All dormitories of the Academy are provided with soft and hard inventory and a laundry. Students are served in canteen and 3 diners for 318 seats. During summertime the academy provides health and sports camp for 100 students, staff and teachers, located in the beautiful suburban area.

Rector of the Academy - Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, vice president of the National Scientific Society of Rheumatology and Association of Rheumatology of Ukraine, President of Poltava regional public organization "Association of family doctors," Professor V. M. Zhdan. He is the author of 236 scientific works, 4 books, 4 patents. Under his supervision, 5 dissertations were defended, 1 thesis and 8 patents were obtained.  

Health care of Ukraine has clear priorities in the pediatric service for the upcoming 5 years namely hard  control of infant loss, in particular the structure of child mortality; realization of the project "New Life" - to open perinatal centers in each region; immunization of children; systematic preventive examinations of students.

Since 1967, Poltava Medical Dental Institute has been preparing specialists in specialty "Pediatrics." Since then, the university formed the walls for our scientific and pedagogical pediatric school. There are pediatrics specialized departments that provide training in specialty "Pediatrics", the teaching staff consists of 5 professors, 18 PhD, all lecturers have a scientific degree.

From 2007 to 2011, the Medical Faculty has prepared 106 pediatricians.

Dean of the faculty: Pohylko V. I., Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Dean of the Medical Faculty № 2 Children freelance anesthesiologist and  expert in resuscitation of Poltava, doctor of higher category.

Vice-Dean of the faculty: Poltorapavlov V.A., PhD, assistant professor of epidemiology.

Inspector of the faculty: Zhornik O. E.