Faculty of Nursing


Medical College of Higher Educational Establishment of Ukraine "Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy's" (UMSA) based on the nursing faculty and Orthopaedic dental department of the Academy.

The Faculty of Nursing was opened by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 02.08.1994 № 8-03-29/1416 "on a hospital nurse" at the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy (UMSA). 
Dental Orthopedic Department was established in 1995 (Order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on May 11, 1995 № 310). In 1999 Dental Orthopedic department as a structural unit of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) by the decision of June 9, 1999, protocol No 21 certified the specialty 5.110109 "Orthopedic Dentistry

In 2004 the Faculty of Nursing and Orthopedic dental department were reorganized into Medical college of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) and since 2005 - Medical College of the Supreme State institutions of Ukraine is “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy” (UMSA).

College consists of two departments: nursing (specialty 5.110102 and 6.110100"Nursing.") and dental (Specialty 5.110109 Dental Orthopedic).

Medical College of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) provides education in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law "On Education", "On higher education, the State National Program" Education "(Ukraine of XXI century), the Regulation on state university, national concept of education, the Order of President of Ukraine of 01.09.1998, the № 963/98 "On landing a comprehensive program of Physical Education - Health, Board of Education decision of Ukraine of 28.06.1995, the № 7/6-18 "On Physical Culture and Sports " of 28.02.1996. № 2/4-8, "training of children and youth in the national education system", orders of the Ministry of Ukraine of 10.04.1996 town, № 111 "Conceptual activities of humanitarian education in Ukraine" of 19.06.1997, "Methodological recommendations on the planning of educational work in higher educational institutions and of II accreditation levels, from 1996 № 396 "On the use of national symbols in educational institutions of Ukraine, the State Charter High School of Ukraine Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy, approved and registered with the Ministry of Health № 113 of 25.03.2005, the provisions of Medical College were approved by the rector of the Academy №  37 of 1.03.2006.

he work of the college is governed by regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Medical College is a part of the State Higher School of Ukraine “Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy” (UMSA), it is not included in the Unified State Register of enterprises and organizations of Ukraine.

Training in medical college of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA) is based on the decision of the SAC of April 13, 2004, the protocol № 50 (the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 26.04.2004, № 336).


Mode of study

Project preparation


Licensed number of students

native students

foreign students

5.110102 Nursing


3 years

Complete general secondary education



5.110109 Orthopedic Dentistry


2 years

Complete general secondary education



Training is conducted according to the needs of health personnel of these specialties according to the admission plans approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Teaching staff of Medical College provides appropriate level of training, has practical experience and educational work and in general provides the necessary educational process. The total number of teaching staff of the college is 59 persons. Among them there are 67 teachers, 44 teachers on a regular basis, including 2-candidates, 4- medical doctors, 1- Ph.D., 2- foreign workers; one of them is Honored Doctor of Ukraine.

Material and technical base of Medical College provides the learning process and meets the requirements of training specialties 5.110102 Nursing and 6.110100 Orthopedic Dentistry.  Conditions of laboratories, classrooms meet the requirements of curricula and programs for each specialty.  Financial support of offices and laboratories is 85-92%.

There are classrooms and laboratories for preclinical, theoretical and practical training of students of Nursing and Dental Orthopaedic departments in Colleges and departments of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (UMSA).

There are training rooms equipped with necessary modern tools, special hangers, simulators of domestic production and production of the United States, Germany, Russia: newborn dummies, hand model for intravenous and subcutaneous, etc.; simulators for training, cleaning teeth model; intensive care unit model, set of models simulating wounds and injuries; model simulator for wounds treatment, electronic models of children, model tablet technology for venipuncture; functional bed and others.

All classrooms and laboratories comply with sanitary requirements and provide normal working conditions for training. The working conditions meet health standards.

Teaching rooms and laboratories are equipped according to their purpose, providing educational equipment for training and sufficient clearness. Every year in college is certification of laboratories and classrooms, equipment determines the job. In the educational process the college used the new advanced technology, the department provided its domestic and imported computerized laboratory equipment.

For the academic work and practical training of students of Orthopedic Dental department the College has teaching rooms and laboratories equipped with number of models, necessary tools, materials and equipment that meets modern requirements. There are 7 thematic teaching laboratories: removable prosthesis (2), non-removable prosthesis (1), bugel prosthesis (1), maxillofacial prosthetics (1), orthodontic designs (1), metal-(1), equipped with video equipment that allows you to use educational videos.

During their study, students acquire practical skills in making prosthesis designs of new technologies: "Byostar" (company "Scheu-dental"), design of removable plastic dentures by pressing and manufacturing, setting of artificial teeth in a removable plastic prosthesis GP Grasshopper, trained to work with ceramic stove "Phenix" Company "Ceramco" (USA) for the manufacture of metal structures, porcelain firm "Ceramco-II", porcelain "Vivodent" Company "Ivoclar" (Liechtenstein).

Modern means of training (audio and video) are used in teaching classes.  Modern technologies provide learning environment for each student, developing their practical skills during their self-study in laboratories, clinics, libraries.

Teachers and college students annually produce tables, slides, stands.

Classes for physical training are situated in the sport complex of the Academy.  There is enough sport equipment for sport-media work, physical condition of students and their recovery.

Educational work in medical college is an integral part of educational process aimed at improving the comprehensive personality, ability to think independently and creatively, to form and enrich the spirit, the ability to combine education and social work. The aim of educational work is to make positive motivation for future health care workers, to acquire professional knowledge, skills, promote harmoniously developed education, create highly educated, socially active and nationally-conscious person, capable for self-development and self-improvement, with high spiritual qualities of family and patriotic feelings, who is the owner of the best achievements of national and world culture.

According to the new approach to educational process, Medical College of the Academy has the following programs: "Care", "Beautiful world", "My future profession," Your life - your choice "-" I am a student, etc.  These programs reflect the content of moral and aesthetic, national-patriotic, legal, labor, and environmental friendly education.