Faculty of Foreign Student


Training of students from foreign countries was among the most important priorities of state policy in many countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia and others.

Ukraine at the level of other countries transmit their cultural and national values ​​through the export of educational services.

Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/ Dental Academy (PSMU) began to enroll foreign students in 1960. By 1991, training was carried out in "dentistry" and mainly for the socialist countries. During this period, 589 dentists were trained.

In 1992, on the initiative of Professor M.S. Skrypnikov dean’s office for work with foreign students was created, and in 1993 the faculty for foreign students was opened.

During the existence of the faculty 1504 doctors for 43 countries were trained, including 1,008 doctors in "dentistry" and 496 doctors

Material and technical facilities

The faculty for foreign students established proper material and technical base, which fully supports the training of specialists in "Medicine" and "Dentistry".

The system of computer training and control on the bases of computer classes was developed. Different training activities are carried also on computers of other departments.

The faculty developed a computer-based training on the basis of 2 computer classes and Internet-class, with the possibility of free access to the Internet.
The faculty uses modern multimedia technology for training that can maximize the ways of information perception. Methodology of the educational process has great role in the work of the faculty. Teachers introduce modern educational technologies, the latest educational achievements, new advanced technologies and treatment methods into the learning process.

Clinical Departments for international students are located in all provincial and municipal hospitals of Poltava with 6095 beds and nearly 200 dental chairs used in the educational process and provide practical training for students at the appropriate level.

Teachers of the faculty successfully work to create training manuals in accordance with the curriculum and the current requirements issued by the State language. Widespread use of special and general subjects is reflected in the tutorials, created by teachers of the Faculty of Dentistry of Ukrainian Medical Stomatological/Dental Academy (PSMU).  Large and productive work is done by the best teachers - methodists in establishing new programs in basic disciplines and adapting existing programs to the curriculum. Lectures and practical lessons are conducted with the help of multimedia programs, training videos, slides, codograms, visual aids and patients. The Library of the Academy plays a significant role in organization of educational work , provides  students with training, background and technical literature.

International students from more than 38 countries, including USA, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Israel, China, Tunisia, Turkey, Kuwait, Eritrea, Morocco, Yemen, Egypt, UAE, Niger, Nigeria, Russia, Lithuania, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, India, Uganda, Uzbekistan and others present study at PSMU. Many of them are immigrants from countries with armed conflict, with existing serious problems with neighboring countries and having unstable political situation (Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan, and Lebanon).

Educational work at the faculty for foreign students is conducted in different directions:

- measures aimed at foreign students respect of the current legislation of Ukraine and preventing of violations;

- measures to adapt foreign citizens to the conditions of studying and living in Ukraine, to familiarize them with the history and traditions of the Ukrainian people, promoting the establishment of mutual understanding between different ethnic groups, implementation of healthy lifestyle rules among students;

- measures to promote the development of student government.


Scientific Council of the Academy systematically discuss issues concerning organization and improvement of educational work with foreign students.

The Deputy Rector of International Relations and Dean of the Faculty together with law enforcement agencies conduct meetings with representatives of local associations of foreign students to ensure safe stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine, preventing the  conflicts, including ethnic and religious between foreign students and citizens of Ukraine .

The Academy holds regularly meetings between administration and foreign students aimed at improving the combating of corruption and bribery. At these meetings complaints and suggestions received by the Academy are discussed. Students can apply to the Rector and the academy with the help of  "Hotline" and "Box of trust".

The curators of academic groups conduct tours to historical and literary museums of Poltava, acquaint students with the history of medicine in Poltava, organization of health systems and the provision of health services to the population, including students. Annual guided tours to places of historical places of Ukraine, including the island of Khortytsya and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and others take place.

Together with student clubs the Dean of the Academy promotes leadership skills of students by involving them in amateur groups and sport clubs. The result of this work was the participation of foreign students in championships in the area where they won prizes in four kinds of sport. Students take part in festivals of amateur performances of the Academy, and are involved in the cultural events of the city.